COVID-19 Notification: Amendment in the export policy of face masks from India.

Message from: Suvendu Choudhury, Managing Director – Gateway Operations, India. FedEx Express

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Department of Commerce, Government of India, has issued further amendment to the export policy prohibiting the export of all masks from India. As per the amended notification, non-medical or non-surgical masks made of cotton, silk, wool or knitted fabric are exempted and will be allowed for export.

All other types of masks falling under any ITC HS code, including the HS codes mentioned below, will continue to remain prohibited for export.

The notification (6/2015-2020 dated May 16, 2020) is attached for reference.

The list of items prohibited for export is as below:

ITC HS Codes Description Revised/Amended
All masks except non-medical or non-surgical masks (cotton, silk, wool or knitted) Prohibited

For further details, please reach out to your FedEx Express Sales Representative.

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Last Updated: May-22,2020