How to calculate Volumetric Weight of a box? Use Volumetric Weight Calculator.

Volumetric Weight calculator is used to calculate the billing of a box if the Volumetric Weight is higher than the Actual Weight of the box. Here is the process to calculate the Volumetric Weight of a box.

Step 1:

Measure the sizes of the box using a measuring tape, measuring scale or measuring mobile apps (Mobile Apps – Measure (iPhone / Android), Tape Measure, EasyMeasure)

  • Length (L): The longest side of the box is the length. Measure the longest side of the box in centimetres (cm). Eg. 60cms
  • Width (W): The other side horizontal to the ground is the width of the box. Measure the side of the box in centimetres (cm). Eg. 40 cms
  • Height (H): The bottom to top or top to bottom, vertical measurement of the box is the height of the box. Measure the height of the box in centimetres (cm). Eg. 50cms
Step 2:

Calculate the volume of the box. To calculate the volume of the box we will multiply the Length x Width x Height. The measurement of the sides should be in centimeters. If you have the details in inches. Convert inches into centimeters by multiplying them with 2.54. Eg. 1 inch = 2.54 cms.

Volume of the Box = Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)

Volume of the Box = 60cm x 40cm x 50cm
Volume of the Box = 1,20,000 cubic centimetres

Volumetric Weight CalculatorStep 3:

To calculate the volumetric weight of the box we will divide the volume of the box with 5000. The volume of the box is divided by 5000 as a global standard for Air/Express shipment boxes. Kindly ensure to check with your shipping partner. Every shipping partner at ePostBook uses the standard value of 5000.

Volumetric Weight of the Box = Volume of the Box (Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)) / 5000

Volumetric Weight of the Box = Volume of the Box (60cm x 40cm x 50cm) / 5000 = 1,20,000 cubic centimetres / 5000 = 24kgs

If the Volumetric Weight will be higher than the Actual Weight, you will be charges for 24kgs as per shipping partner terms. Kindly ensure to check the condition with the shipping partner.

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